Granny Nothing

Granny_NothingWell, here’s the new Granny Nothing cover! What do you think of it? I like it. I think she really does look like an unmade bed. We have a brand new illustrator for the new edition. And I think he’s done a fantastic job. Unfortunately, Sarah Naylor, who did the original wonderful illustrations, died last year.

I think the new cover looks great. It’s coming out this month. And I can’t wait.

And here’s an extract from Granny Nothing.

“ I like wurrums, I like wurrums,
That’s what I like to eat.
I like the way they wriggle in your belly,
Make it wobble like a jelly…”
And at that she wobbled her belly and the baby rolled over, he was laughing so much.
“ When they’re juicy and fat and sweet.”
She bent and picked Thomas up and held him high in the air. The baby’s mouth was covered in dirt, and he was dribbling on to Granny Nothing’s face. Now she was giggling.
I looked at Ewen in horror. Ewen looked at me.
The same thought occurred to both of us at the same time.
Had she been feeding Baby Thomas….worms?
It certainly looked like it and the Baby was loving it.
“ Hell’s Bells!” she was shouting, with a big gumsy grin. “ You’re a lovely boy. I could just eat you.”
I gasped. So did Ewen.
I began to laugh nervously. “ Don’t be silly, Ewen. She couldn’t possibly mean it.”
Then Granny Nothing licked her lips and said it again. “ I could just eat you.”
“ Oh yes she could,” Ewen whispered.
This granny was capable of anything.